Re: Fw: Disturbing trend in tables

Actually, without a closing /p tag, it is not valid XML and thus not
valid XHTML.  Is the lack of a closing p element causing the problem
in JAWS, or is it that JAWS just doesn't allow for p tags within a table?
It sounds like the tool that output this XHTML needs to be fixed to
output valid XML.  If adding a closing p tag to each td does not result
in JAWS functioning properly, then it seems JAWS should be fixed as well.

	- Erik

At 11:49 AM 2001-01-10 -0600, Frank Tobin wrote:
>Tina Marie Holmboe, at 16:10 +0100 on Wed, 10 Jan 2001, wrote:
>    I believe you are seeing the results of - yet another - hack to
>    achieve a visual layout. From the above I would make a guess that
>    they are trying to get extra space on top of the cell, and - as we
>    all know - a <P> 'makes' extra space.
>Personally, I don't quite see what the problem is.  First, it's perfectly
>valid xhtml to have paragraphs inside of a td.  Second, what if there are
>semantically two paragraphs in side the td?  How would you propose
>distuinguishing them if without <p>?
>Frank Tobin

Received on Wednesday, 10 January 2001 14:09:04 UTC