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Hi - no, your problem with Bobby is not unique, and it certainly is
aggravating. There are a number of causes of the problem of Bobby stopping
after testing a number of pages, that we're tracking down and fixing one by
one. It boils down to, for one reason or another, Bobby runs out of memory
and then stops. Each release we make is a little better in this regard. If
you would like to send details of your problem to us at,
including the URLs you're testing, this may help us to further track down
this problem. Meanwhile we generally suggest that people simply analyze
smaller chunks of the site. I know that's not the perfect workaround, but
can help you to get your task done.


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Does anybody know why the Java version of Bobby only goes through so many
pages before it locks up?  Or is it just mine that is having problems?

-Shawn Schuur

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Mike, You can also use Bobby, a tool that checks the checkable
items:  That's right, isn't it, David?

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