Re: Screen readers and images

There are several factors that go into an answer but basically,
whatever is available to the screen reader or the browser can get at,
can be spoken if provided by the browser.  With lynx a text browser
for instance, you can set a parameter to show file names of images
that do not have alt text.  in this instance, if one uses a screen
reader, the information becomes available to be spoken.  In older
versions of lynx, this was not an option.  In internet explorer, in
the past couple of years, it has ben possible for a screen reader to
retrieve this data as well.

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Subject: Screen readers and images

Can anyone explain to me how screen readers handle images?  I was
under the
impression that if an image doesn't have an alt tag, the screen reader
read a file name or something similar.  Is this correct, or does the
reader simply skip the image as if it were not there.

Jeff Isom

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