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At 01:53 PM 2/15/2001, Patrick Burke wrote:
>There may be some system config or other differences that make David's 
>results different from mine, but I think the "skip to" link is working 

Patrick or David, could one of you help me with a test as well?  On
the Idyll Mountain web accessibility pages I'm using a construction
which _does_ allow you to skip links (e.g. it theoretically is in
compliance with 508) but which may not be easy to use or locate.

Basically I have a "context list" (a la Yahoo and others) which
allows access to the rest of the site, and identifies a "short name"
for the current location.  For example:

    Idyllmtn * Access * This Page

The Idyllmtn word is a link to Idyll Mountain's home page; the Access
word is a link to the Idyll Mountain web accessibility page.  The
part where I get "tricky" is the "This Page" link.  It has a title
of "Skip Navigation Links" (or something like that) and the link jumps
you down to the start of content, bypassing the list of Idyll Mountain
Internet services and sites.

Can you please test this to see if the link title is identifiable, if
the interface is easy to use, if you can even find what I'm talking
about, etc?  Here is the URL:

I've only included this for the pages about the new D201 course and
not the rest of the site because I want to get some feedback on this
approach.  If it doesn't work I may have to go back to the drawing
board. ;)


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