RE: Fw: Disturbing trend in tables

I dug into this a bit more and there _is_ a way to get FP to output this. If
you use the Theme feature, which applies a set of formatting to a page, and
turn _off_ using CSS for formatting, we will generate a <font> tag inside of
the <td>:

	<td width="33%"><!--mstheme--><font face="trebuchet ms, Arial,

If you turn on using CSS for themes, the output is legal:

    <td width="33%">bar<p>baz</p></td>

Anyway, in the interests of full disclosure...

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>       <td WIDTH="65" HEIGHT="17"><font FACE="Arial" COLOR="#000000">
>         <p ALIGN="RIGHT">GS-1</font></td>

This is illegal.  font elements require an explicit close tag and
are considered inline elements.  p is a block element.  Therefore
the parser is forced into error recovery when it sees the p without
the font having been closed.

To the person from Microsoft, this is one of the typical errors
produced by GUI authoring tools.

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