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RE: Section 508 Question on Javascript - Section 1194.22, Paragraph (l)

From: Jon Hanna <jon@spinsol.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 19:58:53 -0000
To: "W3c-Wai-Ig@W3. Org" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
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pointed out to me that if you use keyboard access
> 'correctly,' starting with Alt+Down Arrow, in a select menu
> (combo box) then
> onChange is not a problem!

How correct is correct?

If every time I do something on my computer it acts in the way I
want, I have found the correct way of doing it. If one day it doesn't
react in the way I expect it is the programmer who is at fault.

This is true even if the convention may not have been the best one in
the first place (yesterdays considered-harmful is unfortunately often
today's best practice - take the poor choice of blue underlined text
to represent a link on a colour-enabled graphical browser; a hard to
read colour and underline already implies emphasis, but nowadays you
know straightaway it's a link, so it's best to have all links blue
and underlined).

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