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  At 09:06 AM 02/04/2001 -0800, Kynn wrote:
  >Hey, there's a question -- why hasn't the W3C specifically addressed
  >the issue of chat services over the web/Internet and the accessibility
  >and interoperability thereof?
  >Politics, maybe?

Try again...

Resources. They fall under the rubric of authoring tools (quite a lot does it
seems). Which is why the people who have talked about it before include the
people who are chair and staff contact of the authoring tools group, I guess.

As a matter of fact, that is  one of the areas that the working group is
sarting to look at in a bit more depth at the moment, particularly in
relation to the kind of "integrated systems" that you find for doing online
education, or total content management - the stuff that used to be intranet
software until people started putting everything over the web.

So far I am sad to say that we don't have a lot of results. It seems that IRC
is a good basis to work from, since it is widely available. Looking at the
accessibility of it is something I would like to have more time or
information available for. (A sideline is looking at systems that include
features like "virtual whiteboards" - collaborative real-time graphics
creation, or audio/video telephony - this has proved very valuable in the
results of an investigation as part of a project called Deaf Australia

Watch the Authoring Tools space (or contribute to it! <grin/>)


Charles McCN

Received on Sunday, 4 February 2001 21:11:09 UTC