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Here is hoping that I am getting this email out with enough time for
everyone to have an opportunity to join in and participate in the webcast.
Please remember that you need to have the Real G2 version 8 basic or plus
player installed on your computer in order to view the webcast.  I would
also appreciate it if this message could be cross posted onto other list
serves where it hasn't been viewed yet.  Thank you in advance and I look
forward to many of you participating in tomorrow's event.

Jeffrey Pledger

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

   to Simulcast John Hockenberry Keynote live
       Global participation expected in Accessible Interactive Webcast
   Wednesday, March 21, 2001 @ 7:25 AM PST at on the

Los Angeles, CA -, the premier web-based TV channel for people
with disabilities on the network announced today that it
plans to simulcast a keynote speech given by John Hockenberry. The keynote
will be simulcast to the worlds largest "Technology and Persons with
Disabilities" conference being held in Los Angeles and FOSE, the largest
government Information TTechnology (IT) conference and showcase in the
world taking place in Washington DC. The webcast will feature's
captioned video streaming or "Webcapting" process to assist online
participants with disabilities who will have the opportunity to either
watch just the video or watch the video and participate in online chat.

Hockenberry, a two-time Peabody Award winner and "Dateline NBC"
correspondent will address an audience of 3,000 people gathered at the
Airport Hilton in Los Angeles and 20,000 attendees of FOSE.  Two-hundred
Assistive Technology (AT) vendors are participating in the CSUN conference.
Three-hundred fifty Telecommunications and Information Technology IT
vendors are participating in FOSE.

"This could not be a better time to be a professional in the field of
disability and Assistive Technology," said Bud Riser, Director, The Center
on Disabilities at California State University, Northridge and host of
CSUN's annual conference. Riser further stated, "Our conference was
designed to increase awareness on the part of the general public regarding
the basis principles of Assistive Technology, legislation and the
proliferation of new low-cost consumer and professional technologies."

The webcast will be directed by Jeff Pledger, President of, who
lost his sight 17 years ago due to illness.  "We are pleased to provide
captioned streaming for this live event," remarked Pledger. "This
accessible webcast is just another example of how is assisting
not only people with disabilities, but all people to have access to
important events. We are very excited about the opportunity to simulcast
this event between CSUN and FOSE."

The program will be archived with the captioning for later viewing after
the webcast at Participants should have the free
Real Player installed prior to the event.

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worked with one of its first aimcast channels,, to pioneer live
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