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The problem as I understand it is that getting to a frameset with a browser
that says "frame: frm1, frame: frm2, frame: frm3" causes people navigation
difficulties. (This makes good sense to me, based on my own experience).

The title of a page is quite possibly not going to be informative both about
what the page itself is, and what the role it plays at a particular point in
a frameset is.

As a more general question, do you mean "does the Guidelines group think this
meets the requirement of the guidelines, for the sake of conformance?", or do
you mean "does this solve the problem that the checkpoint is trying to
solve?". In this specific case I think the answer is the same in both
instances, but I cannot speak for the WCAG group, only as a single member
giving my understanding. If you want a consensus opinion from them it is
worth asking on their own list, to get it raised to the chairs of the group
that there may be a requirement for a real decision. (If you are just asking
whether it solves the problem, this seems like a fine place to ask.)

my 2c worth (actually 2c in Australia now has a legal defined value of zero.


Charles McCN

On Tue, 30 Jan 2001, Jim Thatcher wrote:

  I have a question on 12.1 (Priority 1):

  12.1 Title each frame to facilitate frame identification and navigation.
  <end quote>

  If each frame page has a (good, informative) title element, but there is no
  name attribute or title attribute on the frame elements within the frameset
  element, do you think that satisfies 12.1?

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