RE: Consumers combat pop-ups with software, Tricks

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Companies often use pop-ups to link to other sites,
> reasoning that
> this makes it easier for consumers to return to their own site
> when they've
> finished browsing, but we recommend our clients against doing this.
>  Not that it always works...

I think we are talking slightly differently. By "pop-ups" I normally
mean a relatively small window which supplements the "main" window.
These are very often used for adverts, hence the association in my
mind, and at least a few others' (BTW, I'm in Ireland, so it's not
just a US thing :)

Larger windows have the same usability and accessibility problems,
but fewer connotations. I do use these in some cases, generally where
one site is talking about an other site, e.g. our own client list or
a critique of a site.

I've found that some clients can be convinced against opening other
windows simply by pointing out that the user can choose to do so if
they wish.

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