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I would find the second method quite disorienting unless the words were
correct in the alt tag which looses the intent of that image.

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Two techniques I found most effective and with little visual impact.

First the single pixel gif with the appropriate alt attribute:
<A href="#content">
<img src="nada.gif" height="1" width="1" alt="Jump past all these
This is easy to implement, has little impact on the page, and has been
around since the dawn of HTML.

Another easy solution is to take the first image on the page, normally
icon in the upper-left hand corner, and have it link to the content.  I
think this makes a good use of the logo (e.g.
relieves the user from having to hear "Company Name" on every single
The one exception to this might be the home page, where you let
to company name.  In the future follow this link to jump directly to the
content of a page bypassing the navbar."

Hope that helps-

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Subject: Skipping navigation tactics

I would like to provide a 'skip navigation' link at the top of a page,
want it to be as unobtrusive as possible. I know that making the font
the same as the background color is a no-no due to the the current crop
paranoid search engines thinking we are trying to fool them.

Is it, however, acceptable to make the link text extremely small (using
of course) so that it is actually almost invisible and include a link
saying 'jump to main text' or some such? Here is an example of what I
(work in progess):

If not, can anyone suggest a better solution?

Jamie Mackay

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