Re: Accessibility - A perfect solution?

At 09:58 AM 1/23/2001 , Fitzgerald, Jimmie wrote:
>One solution could be to have user agents identify any accessibility
>software/hardware to the host server upon a file request.  The server could
>then include particular style sheets or 'filter' the requested document
>through an in-process package to make the requested page accessible for the
>technology that is being used by the requestor.

You're describing exactly the scenario envisioned by Edapta -- but
we go beyond simply "accessibility" hardware/software, and see user
agents of all kinds sending capabilities information, using the
W3C's Composite Capabilities/Preferences Profiles (CC/PP) system.

Once received by the server, our intelligent decision-making
engine, the Edaptation Engine, assembles what information it knows
about you from all sources -- user registration, user agent strings,
CC/PP profiles, etc. -- and produces a page which is optimized for
your specific needs, desires, and capabilities.

>A prediction I'll make is that any company producing this kind of in-process
>application would flat make tons of money.

You'd think -- but Edapta had a heck of a time getting funding for
this project; no venture capitalists were interested and things were
looking pretty dark for Edapta's future.

Fortunately, though, our ideas caught the attention of a European
software company, Reef, who makes a suite of Internetware products
including content and user management, and more.

Currently we are working on integrating Edapta's technology with
Reef's, so that a future version of Reef's product suite will be
fully edaptable, off the shelf.

>And, if you need someone to be
>the developmental lead on it...well, you know how to reach me.  :)

I'll ask you off-list if you really want a job. :)

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Technical Developer Relations, Reef 
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