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On Thu, 18 Jan 2001, Kynn Bartlett wrot in regards to FrontPage:
  That said, I do agree with you that in most cases there shouldn't
  necessarily be anything in the program which absolutely PREVENTS
  the creation of accessible web pages.  Having played with FP
  a long time ago and not having a copy handy (I never install it
  when I install Office), I can't say for certain, but I don't
  believe that there are features which prevent an informed and
  careful user from making a workable web page.

  So I think you are both right.


In fact there are people involved in WAI, such as Jim Allan and Kathleen
Anderson who have sent the occasional technique for making FrontPage produce
more accessible output.

I believe that Emmanuelle Gutierrez (Coordinator of SIDAR, a spanish
organisation for accessibility of the net) is also working on a document whic
describes how to use several authoring tools, including Front Page, to make
accessible output. Although that will naturally be in Spanish, I am sure we
could have permission to translate it.

Ver few tools make it impossible to produce accessible vcontent. But very few
tools currently make it easy and natural for beginners. Clearly there is a
demand for tools that do this (which is basically what ATG demands, along
with the tool being accessible in the first place), but it is not clear
enough to many developers how big this demand is. Of course, they listen to
customer feedback, but they do not read customers' private email, or
customers' minds.


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