RE: Section 508 Question on Javascript - Section 1194.22, Paragraph (l)

At 10:51 AM 2/12/2001 , Timothy Stephen Springer wrote:
>Fairly simply it means that if you are using JavaScript in a page the
>contents of that Javascript need to be accessible to assistive technology.
>In the example given the pop-up Javascript box (alert dialog, whatever) is
>allowable if the content is available (readable) to assistive technology.
>In simple language: Is the Javascript pop-up read when viewing the page in
>assitive technolgy?  If yes, your page is compliant.

I'm not sure it's that simple, though -- what assistive technologies,
and on what software platforms?  Lynx + JAWS is different from
IE + JAWS, even if you're only talking about Windows 2000.

So I disagree with your interpretation on the grounds that "assistive
technology" is not monolithically heterogenous.


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