character codes and repeated link phrase questions

Two unrelated questions...

I have come across a dilemma trying to make a page conform to XHTML Strict.
I am not allowed to use Decimal Codes as they are not considered valid SGML
- so, for example,  instead of – for an endash I am supposed to use
– . All fine and dandy, until I render the page in Netscape 4 which
just spells out the code rather than providing the endash. Is there a
solution to this that works across browsers? Which technique would be
considered most accessible?

I get a P2 error from Bobby telling me: 'Do not use the same link phrase
more than once when the links point to different URLs'.  The examples it
refers to all relate to my 'D' links which point to the same page but with
different anchors for each image, eg:
Is this an error with Bobby, or something  that can/should be worked around?
Here is the page in question:

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Received on Tuesday, 23 January 2001 15:29:11 UTC