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45 issues to go + On the Status of ISSUEs (Raised, Open, Pending Review)

Additional documentation for Issue-227

Additional documentation for Issue-228

Additional documentation for Issue-229

Additional documentation for Issue-230

Additional documentation for Issue-231

Additional documentation for Issue-232

Additional documentation for Issue-233

Additional documentation for Issue-234

Additional documentation for Issue-235

Additional documentation for Issue-236

Additional documentation for Issue-237

Agenda 10.23.13

Agenda 10.23.13 - Input on ISSUE-5

Agenda for the October 02 call (V01)

Agenda for tomorrow

Agenda for tomorrow, Issue-5 input, and regrets

Another possible change that needs to be reverted from the Editor's Draft


Audience measurement permitted use issue-25

Change proposal First Party Compliance issue-170

Change proposal for ISSUE-5 ­ Definition of Tracking

Change proposal ISSUE-234

Change proposal re: DNT: 0

change proposal to issue-25

Change Proposals: Issue 10

Clarifying end of poll timing

Compliance document updates for review before next WD publication (was CVS WWW/2011/tracking-protection/drafts)

Consolidated Proposal for Definition of Collect

Deadline for raising issues extended to October 06.


Discussion of Issue-5 (definition of tracking), and a new CP

editorial change

Editorial Change - ISSUE-25 Proposed Text

EU participants: Telco may be 1h earlier this week

Further text associated with the change proposal on Unique Identifiers, issue-199

fyi: EU participants: Telco may be 1h earlier this week

Issue 24 - Consensus

Issue 5: Is this in the wiki?

ISSUE-10 proposed text for discussion

ISSUE-10: Discoverability

ISSUE-208: attach to current draft

issue-24 proposal 2

ISSUE-25 on the agenda for the October 02 call

ISSUE-25 proposed changes

ISSUE-25: Audience measurement research

Issue-5 Proposal-7

Issue-5, trying to find a middle ground

ISSUE-5: Consensus definition of "tracking" for the intro?

Issue:? Fingerprinting

List of ISSUEs on our radar (attached to the Compliance-Current product)

My comments, as promised during the call

New Change Proposal for Issue-10: remove party definitions

New Change Proposal: Clarification of Compliance to User Choice (Issue-205)

New Change Proposal: New text for First Party Compliance (Issue-170)

Non-editorial change, issue 5

Note: Deadlines for individual ISSUEs are announced as part of the agenda

NSA using Doubleclick for identifying Tor users

open issues against current draft

Plan moving forward

Please Re-Open Issue-47

Poll closes tonight!

Re-opening an issue

regrets for tomorrow's call

Reminder: Deadline for raising issues is October 02 (this Wednesday) issue-205, issue-189

Selecting a subset of texts for preparing ISSUE-5 for a call for objection

text edits related to "raised" issues

Thinking Ahead - Thanksgiving Week

TPWG Agenda for the October 09 call (V02)

TPWG Agenda for the October 09 call (V03)

TPWG Agenda for the October 09 call (V04)

TPWG Agenda for the October 16 call (V01)

TPWG Agenda for the October 16 call (V02)

tracking our change proposals

tracking-ISSUE-216 (Contracts and Branding): Does ??Contractual relationships and branding?? provide an equal level of privacy controls as ??ownership and branding?? in the context of DNT? [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-217: Terminology for user action, interaction, and network interaction [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-218: Data that is out of scope [Compliance Current]


tracking-ISSUE-219 (Context separation): 3rd parties that are 1st parties must not use data across these contexts [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-220 (Proportionality): Proportionality should be across the board [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-221 (Context): Define collection and use by context rather than party

tracking-ISSUE-222 (personalization): Personalization or customizing of content should be allowed under certain collection/use limitations [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-223 (implementation criteria): Define criteria now for the test/implementation phase of the compliance spec [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-224 (Clarification of Compliance to User Choice): Clarification of Compliance to User Choice (Issue-205) [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-225 (Clarification of Compliance to User Choice in TPE): Clarification of Compliance to User Choice in TPE [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-226 (Rules by context): What rules apply for data collection/use, by context [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-227 (User Agent Minimum Requirements): User Agent Minimum Requirements [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-228 (Network Interaction): Revise the Network Interaction definition [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-229 (Party Definition): Adjustment to Party definition [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-230 (New Definition): Add a definition for "Web Browsing History" [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-231 (Permitted Uses): General Principles for Permitted Uses [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-232 (Permitted Uses: Transparency): Permitted Uses: Transparency [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-233 (Data Minimization): Data Minimization, Retention and Transparency [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-234 (No Personalization): Remove "No Personalization" section [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-235 (Reasonable Security): Adjust Reasonable Security section [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-236 (Frequency Capping): Adjust Frequency Capping section [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-237 (Financial Logging): Revise Financial Logging section [Compliance Current]

tracking-ISSUE-238 ( Permitted uses ): Scope of Permitted uses

wrong definition of tracking in TCS

Your input on the way forward

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