Re: Discussion of Issue-5 (definition of tracking), and a new CP

On Oct 9, 2013, at 12:00 AM, Nicholas Doty wrote:

> I have tried to clean up the wiki page for this issue, with some help from Roy and Rob (thanks, guys!). We have 5 numbered proposals (including David's "no change" below), and then I've put next to each other links to the ED and April 30 WD text for reference.

> Roy (and Justin/Heather), would you accept as a friendly amendment to your version of the April 30th WD text that we change from "attributable to" to "associated with"? I think that would match the language we've generally been using and I don't think it changes the intended meaning.

Actually, no, attributable is the correct word to use there unless
there is a bunch of other words to limit what associates.

Absolutely anything can be associated with anything else.  I can
associate the color blue with Nick.  Hence, saying that any data
which can be associated with a user is tracking data is the same
as saying that all data is tracking data.

Note that the way I use "data that can associate" in proposal (1)
is okay, but could also be changed to "data that can attribute".


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