Re: tracking-ISSUE-222 (personalization): Personalization or customizing of content should be allowed under certain collection/use limitations [Compliance Current]

On 04/10/2013 14:43, David Wainberg wrote:

>> As always, the devil is in the details. Could you elaborate a bit
>> further on this in order to allow us to imagine what you are proposing?
> So, we agree that customization based on cross-site activity would be
> allowable under DNT under some conditions. The conditions I propose are
> limits on retention of users' browsing history (including for permitted
> uses) and robust transparency for data collection and use.

The condition I would prefer is of no cross-site application or
gathering of personal (identifiable) data. See my other message of
examples of such cross-site customisation that would be, in my opinion,
acceptable despite a DNT:1 signal. So zero user browsing history
retention beyond the permitted uses.

Robust transparency is something I am rarely opposed to and would still
be advisable in such a scenario, if only not to undermine the
credibility of the standard and for the sake of user trust loss prevention.



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