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I've created a wiki page for this change proposal, and updated the issue with a link to it:

I think this text might be confusing network interactions and user actions (which also touches on Roy's comments on this paragraph). Would you accept the following friendly revision to the non-normative text?

> Page loads, navigation, object mouse-overs, image clicks, hyperlink clicks, sub-element re-loads and form entry submissions are all examples of user actions that may initiate network interactions.


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> Issue-228
> Normative:  A network interaction is the set of HTTP requests and responses, or other sequence of logically related network traffic, caused by a user visit to a single web page or interaction with page elements.
> Non-Normative:  This is meant to represent the atomic level of interaction by users with web pages.  The page loads, navigation, and clicks are common forms of interaction.
> Example(s):  Page load, object mouse-over, image click, hyperlink click, sub-element re-load, form entries are all examples of valid network interactions.
> Reasoning:  We’re attempting to define the most basic level of item that can be “tracked” in the context of DNT.  These are elements driven by user activity and/or activity that is associated with a user.
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