Re: Issue-5 Proposal-7

On Oct 30, 2013, at 9:53 AM, Rob van Eijk wrote:

> non normative addendum:
> Tracking includes automated real time decisions, intended to analyse or predict the personality or certain personal aspects relating to a natural person, including the analysis and prediction of the personís health, economic situation, information on political or philosophical beliefs , performance at work, leisure, personal preferences or interests, details and patterns on behavior, detailed location or movements.

To be perfectly clear, NO.  Tracking does not include those things
unless they happen to be based on tracking data, and thus the above
text has nothing to do with the definition of tracking itself.
For example, the above is already being done with contextual data
present in a single request.

> Tracking is defined in a technological neutral way and includes e.g. cookie based tracking technology, active and passive fingerprinting techniques.

Which is clear from either proposed definition (but not the
proposal of no definition) and does not need to be repeated.


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