New Change Proposal: Clarification of Compliance to User Choice (Issue-205)

Issue name:
Clarification of Compliance to User Choice (Issue-205)

Short description:
Ensure that any text, e.g. in the current drafts or as proposed by the "User Agent Compliance" change proposal, clarifies that the only criteria for compliance in setting or altering a tracking preference expression is demonstrable adherence to individual user preferences for tracking protection. Where this setting/altering occurs is irrelevant given that the user is demonstrably served per their preferences.

New Text:
Any entity that demonstrably adheres to an individual user's preferences for tracking protection may set or alter the DNT header for that user. No technical limitations are imposed by this specification on implementations that comply with demonstrable expression of user preference, with regard to how the preference is managed by the user or executed by the entity on behalf of the user.

Bryan Sullivan

Received on Wednesday, 2 October 2013 15:52:45 UTC