Re: ISSUE-25: Audience measurement research

Hi Kathy, 

we closed ACTION-415 earlier with this message from me:

based on this text, I do NOT maintain a requirement for a bucket size of 812 
people. So the wiki should be adapted. 


On Thursday 03 October 2013 17:14:05 Kathy Joe wrote:
> Dear Rigo,
> I note that Issue 25 is on the agenda for next week where proposals will be
> discussed.
> Previously you wrote to the W3C group that you had withdrawn your
> requirement for a minimum bucket size of 812 people and supported the text
> incorporating the amendments we made after our conversation.
> But on the wiki it says:
>  New Text
> *  MUST NOT be aggregated into categories and buckets with less than 812
> I just wanted to check whether you have still withdrawn your change proposal
> so we can ask Nick Doty to adapt the wiki accordingly .
> With best regards
> Kathy Joe

Received on Thursday, 3 October 2013 15:40:45 UTC