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Fwd: Fw: Re: RDF and CIDOC CRM martin (Friday, 28 June)

PhD position available in Montpellier/Rouen, France (semantic web, biomedical ontologies, multilingualism) - Fall 2013 Clement Jonquet (Friday, 28 June)

EXTENDED SUBMISSION DEADLINE: CAMP-4-DATA Workshop "Cyber-infrastructure & Metadata Protocols" - Lisbon, Portugal DCMI Announce (Friday, 28 June)

Last CfP: First International Workshop on Semantic Music and Media (SMAM2013) Yves Raimond (Friday, 28 June)

Re: Modeling the author's position from research papers into RDF graph Michael Brunnbauer (Thursday, 27 June)

biotea and jailbreaking the PDF at hack4ac Alexander Garcia Castro (Thursday, 27 June)

Linked Data Glossary is published! Bernadette Hyland (Thursday, 27 June)

Last CfP: Semantic Web and Information Extraction (SWAIE 2013) Erp, M.G.J. van (Thursday, 27 June)

Civic apps and Linked Data Alvaro Graves (Wednesday, 26 June)

DC-2013 Special W3C-Sponsored Session on Vocabulary Preservation DCMI Announce (Wednesday, 26 June)

Rendering RDF in interactive html forms Dominic Oldman (Wednesday, 26 June)

Job Opening: Front End Designer at STI Innsbruck, University of Innsbruck HR (Wednesday, 26 June)

The Great LD 2013 Debate: is Linked Data defined by the WWW? ProjectParadigm-ICT-Program (Wednesday, 26 June)

Triad Logic Gregg Reynolds (Tuesday, 25 June)

W3C RDF Validation Workshop submissions due in 1 week. Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 24 June)

Job: Post-doctoral Researchers / Research Group Leaders at Uni Bonn / Fraunhofer IAIS Sören Auer (Monday, 24 June)

CfP (Deadline extended) - 3rd international Workshop on Semantic Digital Archives (SDA 2013) Livia Predoiu (Monday, 24 June)

Poll: What Are RDF's Unique Characteristics? Kingsley Idehen (Monday, 24 June)

Linked Data and the Original Web Proposal Kingsley Idehen (Monday, 24 June)

Literature on semantic web and similar models ProjectParadigm-ICT-Program (Monday, 24 June)

Percentages in Linked Data Frans Knibbe | Geodan (Monday, 24 June)

New DBpedia Overview Article Available Kingsley Idehen (Monday, 24 June)

expressing SKILLS ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ (Monday, 24 June)

List membership - more women Dominic Oldman (Monday, 24 June)

RDF Investigations Gregg Reynolds (Sunday, 23 June)

Are Topic Maps Linked Data? Dan Brickley (Sunday, 23 June)

The Great Public Linked Data Use Case Register for Non-Technical End User Applications Dominic Oldman (Sunday, 23 June)

Big data applications for general users based on RDF - where are they? Dominic Oldman (Saturday, 22 June)

The Test of Independent Invention (was: What Does Point Number 3 of TimBL's Linked Data Mean?) Melvin Carvalho (Saturday, 22 June)

To RDF or not to RDF (Saturday, 22 June)

What Does Point Number 3 of TimBL's Linked Data Mean? Kingsley Idehen (Friday, 21 June)

Fwd: Linked Data discussions require better communication Stephane Fellah (Friday, 21 June)

[CFP] SeRSy@ACM RecSys 2013 - 2nd International Workshop on Recommender Systems meet Big Data & Semantic Technologies Tommaso Di Noia (Friday, 21 June)

linking data using a different conceptual framework Was does linked data need RDF? ProjectParadigm-ICT-Program (Friday, 21 June)

CFP (II): 6th International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Networks (SSN 2013). Submission is July 12. Oscar Corcho (Thursday, 20 June)

[ANN] Public release of Glimmer RDF search engine and demo Peter Mika (Thursday, 20 June)

Biomedical Question Answering Workshop CfP Axel Ngonga (Thursday, 20 June)

2nd CfP: ISWC workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web (URSW'13) Nickles, Matthias (Wednesday, 19 June)

CFP: SemStats 2013 @ ISWC 2013 --deadline 12 July Ghislain Atemezing (Thursday, 20 June)

CFP: ISWC 2013 Posters & Demos Track Tudor Groza (Thursday, 20 June)

CfP: 2nd International Workshop on Finance and Economics on the Semantic Web 2013 - Extended deadline Mateusz Radzimski (Wednesday, 19 June)

2nd CfP: Workshop on Semantic Web Enterprise Adoption and Best Practice (WaSABi 2013) @ ISWC 2013 Magnus Knuth (Wednesday, 19 June)

RDF, Linked Data etc : please ping me when it's over ... Bernard Vatant (Wednesday, 19 June)

Semantic MediaWiki conference: call for participation Yury Katkov (Tuesday, 18 June)

Illustrating how Linked Data and RDF are related Kingsley Idehen (Tuesday, 18 June)

Deadline Extension: Linked Data in Linguistics II (LDL-2013, Sep 23rd 2013, Pisa) Christian Chiarcos (Tuesday, 18 June)

Monitoring subscribers on the list Barry Norton (Tuesday, 18 June)

CLOSURE: Re-definition of Linked Data Kingsley Idehen (Monday, 17 June)

1st CfP: Semantic Audio conference George Fazekas (Monday, 17 June)

Re: [ontolog-forum] How de facto standards are created Kingsley Idehen (Monday, 17 June)

Only 10 days left to enter the Veni Competition using Linked and Open Data in Education! Marieke Guy (Monday, 17 June)

Linked Data in my Head Barry Norton (Monday, 17 June)

CfP - 3rd international Workshop on Semantic Digital Archives (SDA 2013) Livia Predoiu (Monday, 17 June)

[ANN] The NanJing Vocabulary Repository (NJVR) Gong Cheng (Monday, 17 June)

2nd CfP - 2nd International Workshop on Ordering and Reasoning (OrdRing2013) @ISWC2013 Irene Celino (Monday, 17 June)

Fwd: The need for RDF in Linked Data David Booth (Monday, 17 June)

2nd CFP: Workshop on Society, Privacy and the Semantic Web - Policy and Technology (PrivOn 2013) at ISWC 2013 Kirrane, Sabrina (Sunday, 16 June)

LinkedUp Veni Competition: Linked and Open Data for Education Marieke Guy (Friday, 14 June)

Re: JSON-LD/RDF feedback (Linked Data & RDF Conflation Deconstructed) Kingsley Idehen (Friday, 14 June)

Hmm... Danny Ayers (Friday, 14 June)

3rd CfP: Linked Data Cup Challenge at I-Semantics/I-Know 2013, Deadline June 17, 2013 Harald Sack (Friday, 14 June)

RDF and CIDOC - why the approach is important generally Dominic Oldman (Friday, 14 June)

Timeline of Systematic Data and Computable Knowledge Kingsley Idehen (Thursday, 13 June)

Linked Data and RDF, some perspective Kingsley Idehen (Thursday, 13 June)

Ending the Linked Data debate -- PLEASE VOTE *NOW*! David Booth (Thursday, 13 June)

Free Webinar on POWDER W3C Recommendation, use cases and future directions Thomas Thurner (Thursday, 13 June)

CFP Tutorial: "Searching in the City of Knowledge" at SIGIR 2013 Vanessa Lopez (Thursday, 13 June)

[CFP] DChanges 2013 @ DocEng13 Silvio Peroni (Thursday, 13 June)

Privacy in Semantic Technologies: Still time to contribute to our survey! Mathieu d'Aquin (Thursday, 13 June)

OpenLink Shared Ontologies Kingsley Idehen (Wednesday, 12 June)

RDF and CIDOC CRM Dominic Oldman (Wednesday, 12 June)

Biomedical Question Answering Survey Axel Ngonga (Wednesday, 12 June)

UILLD 2013: Call for participation / Registration is now open Svensson, Lars (Wednesday, 12 June)

Linked Data Visualization: HTML5 based PivotViewer Kingsley Idehen (Tuesday, 11 June)

2nd CfP: First International Workshop on Semantic Music and Media (SMAM2013) Yves Raimond (Tuesday, 11 June)

RDF's challenge Kingsley Idehen (Tuesday, 11 June)

Updated TaxonConcept Data set with data from the Encyclopedia of Life Peter DeVries (Tuesday, 11 June)

2nd CfP: The 4th Int. Workshop on Consuming Linked Data (COLD 2013) at ISWC 2013 Olaf Hartig (Monday, 10 June)

2nd Call for Participation: CAMP-4-DATA Workshop @ DC-2013 DCMI Announce (Monday, 10 June)

LD4IE Linked Data for Information Extraction - ISWC2013 workshop - 2nd CFP Anna Lisa Gentile (Monday, 10 June)

DC-2013/iPRES-2013 registration is now open! DCMI Announce (Sunday, 9 June)

Business Models, Profitability, and Linked Data Kingsley Idehen (Friday, 7 June)

2nd CfP: DeRiVE 2013: 3rd Workshop on Events in the Semantic Web @ ISWC 2013 Erp, M.G.J. van (Friday, 7 June)

Free Webinar on Linked Data Classification and Quality Analysis with DL-Learner and ORE Thomas Thurner (Friday, 7 June)

Re: Best way for exposing Linked Open Data. Wrapper vs scrape Claus Stadler (Friday, 7 June)

[CFP] DH-CASE 2013: deadline extension and ACM proceedings Silvio Peroni (Thursday, 6 June)

10 more days: Second International Workshop on Finance and Economics on the Semantic Web | Porto, September 29-October 4 José Luis (Thursday, 6 June)

2nd CfP: Semantic Web and Information Extraction (SWAIE 2013) Erp, M.G.J. van (Wednesday, 5 June)

Fwd: Question about Semantic Web Jerven Bolleman (Tuesday, 4 June)

CfP Knowledge & Experience Management (FGWM), Bamberg, Germany, Oct. 7-9; Deadline July 1 Christoph LANGE (Tuesday, 4 June)

[reminder] Free webinar 'Interaction with Linked Data' June 10 2013 2 pm BST (3 pm CEST) Elena Simperl (Monday, 3 June)

2 Java Developers for Semantic and Linked Data Solutions Wanted (Monday, 3 June)

Third ESWC Summer School, Crete, September 2013; Travel Grants Deadline extended to June 14th; Applications Deadline extended to June 21st John Domingue (Monday, 3 June)

Representing NULL in RDF Jan Michelfeit (Monday, 3 June)

6th Linked Data Cup - deadline extension Jörg Waitelonis [HPI] (Monday, 3 June)

New Ordnance Survey Linked Data John Goodwin (Monday, 3 June)

Re: Again on endpoint server limits [WAS Re: Public SPARQL endpoints:managing (mis)-use and communicating limits to users.] Andy Seaborne (Monday, 3 June)

SocInfo2013, Nov 25-27, 2013, Kyoto, Japan Ying Ding (Sunday, 2 June)

-6/2/2013 2:20:42 PM- Andrea Di Menna (Sunday, 2 June)

Re: There's No Money in Linked Data Pascal Hitzler (Saturday, 1 June)

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