W3C RDF Validation Workshop submissions due in 1 week.

W3C's hosting a workshop on interface definitions for RDF data.

If you want to tell users how to use some RDF service, or find out how
to use an existing service, you need some mechanism for defining
interfaces. If you then want to mechanically complete client data or
validate graphs posted to a service, you need a tool which exploits
that mechanism. In either case, please help us meet your needs by
submitting use cases and proposals to the W3C RDF Validation Workshop.

If you've got great ideas for languages or re-use of existing tools to
solve these sorts of use cases, you may want to submit those as well.

Please read through the CFP and send any questions or comments to me
(eric@w3.org) or the PC (group-rdf-val-pc@w3.org). If you think this
should go to other lists, please forward. Thanks!

     RDF Validation Workshop - Practical Assurances for Quality RDF Data
     10-11 September 2013, Cambridge, MA, USA

While the Semantic Web has demonstrated considerable value for
collaborative contributions to data, adoption in many mission-critical
environments requires data to conform to specified patterns. This need
for interface defintions spans domains. For instance, validation in a
banking context shares many requirements with quality assurance of
linked clinical data. Systems like Linked Open Data, which don't have
formal interface specifications, share these validation
needs. Development of standards and tools to meet these requirements
can greatly increase the utility and ubiquity of Semantic Web data.

Most data representation languages used in conventional settings offer
some sort of input validation, ranging from parsing grammars for
domain-specific languages to XML Schema, RelaxNG or Schematron for XML
structures. While the distributed nature of RDF affects the notions of
"validity", tool chains need to be established to publish interface
definitions and ensure data integrity.

This workshop combines discussion of use cases for data
validation/interface defintion on the Semantic Web with development of
technologies to enable those use cases.

If you are interested in presenting, please submit a position paper by 
30 June 2013. If you need a short extension, please contact the PC.

See additional Workshop details and submission instructions:

The workshop is hosted by MIT. For further details, please contact Eric 
Prud'hommeaux <eric@w3.org>


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