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> On 2013-06-09, at 20:36, Pat Hayes <> wrote:
> ...
>>>> - value uknown (it should be there but the source doesn't know it)
>>> Actually that piece of information could be written down in a RDF  
>>> Schema graph like this:
>> It can be written far more simply in RDF just by using a blank node:
>> :a :p _:x .
> Yes, a blank node is probably the closest thing to a SQL NULL in RDF.
> Though it would be safer/clearer to write:
> :a :p [] .

We are not talking about serializations. ;)

> To emphasise the (NULL = NULL) → FALSE behaviour, which is key to  
> the uses of NULL in SQL.

Excellent point!

> However, the convention in RDF is just to omit the property for that  
> subject where something is unknown - as others have said.

Jan asked about how to distinguish between his four cases which are  
indeed slightly different to each other.

Omitting a triple has therefore a different quality than telling the  
existence of the property of this very subject. So, there is more  
information (existence) than when omitting the whole triple.
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