Re: The need for RDF in Linked Data

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>     The Web isn't about being draconian or tightly coupled to anything.
> But the Web *IS* tightly coupled to HTTP! Why can't Linked Data then 
> be tightly coupled to RDF?

The Web isn't tightly coupled to HTTP.

HTTP is an effective route to a global Web.

The magic is in the URI, the ability to provide abstraction that enables 
the loose coupling of data access protocols and data representation formats.

FWIW -- when we started releasing Linked Data (at the start of this 
journey) we did so using resolvable URIs for a variety of schemes, not 
just HTTP. Even today, in the context of Web-scale verifiable identity, 
we produce Linked Data solutions that don't mandate HTTP scheme URIs 
while actually exploiting the kind of entity relationship fidelity that 
RDF delivers.

The beauty of the World Wide Web is that it is actually loosely coupled 
at its architectural core. HTTP is a productive short-cut to the Web due 
its increasing ubiquity.



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