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Hallelujah! Glad to hear a technologist from a company building products for the mobile and wireless platforms saying we have something better to do.

We should end this discussion on a positive note: while we all agree that the Semantic web and RDF are the best conceptual way to create a web of linked data, it is not unique and the sole way of linking data. We need to make sure that the semantic web and RDF keep playing a key role in achieving a true web of linked data as intended by TBL.

The challenge is to keep up with new evolving technologies, platforms and proprietary and industry group endorsed other ways of linking data to allow interchangeability with the semantic web and RDF.

The good news is that the United Nations is looking into using open access and thus open linked data as a way to exchange data and as I said in earlier threads we need bodies like the UN to promote endorsement of the Semantic Web and linked open data through its applications in the fields of science and education and libraries and repositories of data and information.

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Can you do linked data without RDF? Yes. 

Can you do linked data with RDF? Yes.

End of discussion... please! :)

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existing thread, and also for probably saying things other folks have
>already brought up]
>I have worked on RDF and systems using RDF for over 15 years now (and on
>RDF's "non-Web" predecessors before that). The most important thing I have
>learned is that while it is possible to do Linked Data and Semantic Web
>stuff *without* RDF, whatever alternative technology you choose, you soon
>feel compelled to add features that make it look like RDF. I particularly
>see this whenever someone comes to me advocating the use of JSON. RDF is
>what it is for a reason, *not* because we arbitrarily threw something
>So it is not that RDF "looks bad" or whatever people might be saying. It
>is that other technologies and approaches "fall short" of what Linked Data
>and Semantic Web really need. Let's not please reinvent things or shove a
>round peg in a square hole just because someone prefers curly braces over
>angle brackets. Issues like that are not interesting (at all), and we have
>more important things to do.
>        - Ora
>Dr. Ora Lassila
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