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Hello All,

I am one of the authors of the work being discussed.

All the stuff I have seen till now is about Linked Data being great and
useful for data integration within commercial settings. The work does not
disputes that. I agree we didn't use the proper term, and from the reading
of the work it becomes clear we didn't complain about this aspect. The work
will be revised to correct the terminology and other feedback from the
mailing list.

The issue pointed out in the work is with Linked Open Data Cloud data sets.
This is getting limited or no attention in the discussions. Its like saying
the technology is awesome, lets not worry so much about the 'open' data

In Adrea's blog he is saying technology is mature now. That is great. But
these technologies have been around for a while now.

The question still remains, what about the 'open' datasets amassed till
now? The 300+ datasets which everyone uses in their slides.

In the blog

"Yes, there is a critical mass of available LOD sources (for example UK
Ordnance Survey) and also of high-quality thesauri and ontologies (for
example Wolter Kluwer’s working law thesaurus) to be reused in corporate

But they have been around for about 6 yrs? Why haven't they been used till
now besides academic playgrounds or for pure research? Is it not good
enough to be used? In the hope it will happen one day? In your blog there
is a link for use case of Linked Data. Why don't we find same thing for
Linked Open Data?

(These are all questions which I have pondered about, not a criticism)

I have tried collecting the use cases before for LOD

The response was limited.

Happy to see the discussion, but I think the main issue seems to be getting



Note: The views expressed herein are my own and do not necessarily reflect
the views of my co-authors of the work 'There's No Money in Linked Data'
and my employer.

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