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> We just finished a piece indicating serious legal issues regarding the
> commercialization of Linked Data - this may be of general interest, hence
> the post. We hope to stimulate discussions on this issue (hence the
> provokative title).
> Available from
> Abstract.
> Linked Data (LD) has been an active research area for more than 6 years
> and many aspects about publishing, retrieving, linking, and cleaning Linked
> Data have been investigated. There seems to be a broad and general
> agreement that in principle LD datasets can be very useful for solving a
> wide variety of problems ranging from practical industrial analytics to
> highly specific research problems. Having these notions in mind, we started
> exploring the use of notable LD datasets such as DBpedia, Freebase,
> Geonames and others for a commercial application. However, it turns out
> that using these datasets in realistic settings is not always easy.
> Surprisingly, in many cases the underlying issues are not technical but
> legal barriers erected by the LD data publishers. In this paper we argue
> that these barriers are often not justified, detrimental to both data
> publishers and users, and are often built without much consideration of
> their consequences.

Much depends on how many stars you use.

Bitcoin is linked data, each transaction block links to the previous.  It
uses URIs and hashes.

Ripple is linked data, as above.

Both are billion dollar market caps in a short space of time.

We should not only focus on 5 star linked data.  In local you can see the
universal, and in the universal you can see the local.  I also believe
there's going to be a huge industry in 5 star LD tho ...

I personally like how James Joyce put it:

"For myself, I always write about Dublin, because if I can get to the heart
of Dublin I can get to the heart of all the cities of the world. In the
particular is contained the universal."

Just my 2 cents ... :)

> Authors:
> Prateek Jain, Pascal Hitzler, Krzysztof Janowicz, Chitra Venkatramani
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