Re: What Does Point Number 3 of TimBL's Linked Data Mean?

On Jun 25, 2013, at 12:19 AM, David Booth wrote:

> In fact, as long as a standard mapping to the RDF model is available, *any* document format can be interpreted as RDF.


So, if "a standard mapping to the RDF model is available" for my
chosen data publication format -- which I may choose just because
it looks pretty to me -- it doesn't matter that *I* don't know 
anything about RDF, that mapping, SPARQL, etc.

In other words, I can publish Linked Data without RDF or SPARQL.

Your *interpretation* and *exploitation* of that Linked Data may
require RDF and/or SPARQL and/or a lot more alphabet soup -- but
the simple question of whether what I have published counts as 
Linked Data or not requires much, much less.


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