Re: Business Models, Profitability, and Linked Data

While attribution may not be hindering any business, it would be nice 
being able to specify in a machine readable form the way it should be 


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> On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 5:52 PM, Kingsley Idehen <> wrote:
>> There have been a few recent threads on the LOD and Semantic
>> Web mailing lists that boil down to the fundamental issues of
>> profitability, business models, and Linked Data.
>> Situation Analysis
>> ==================
>> Business Model Issue
>> --------------------
>> The problem with "Data"-oriented business models is that you
>> ultimately have to deal with the issue of wholesale data copying
>> without attribution. That's the key issue; everything else is
>> a futile dance around this concern.
> Why do you think that attribution is the key issue with data oriented
> businesses?
> I've spoken with a number of firms who have business models based on
> data supply and have never once heard attribution being mentioned as
> an issue for themselves or their customers. So I'm curious why you
> think this is a problem.
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