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On 6/26/13 6:12 PM, Alvaro Graves wrote:
> Hi Frans,
> I think there is a chicken-and-egg problem there. Governments won't 
> release Linked Data since they don't see the value of doing so because 
> nobody uses it (at least that's what employees from several government 
> have told me).
> I disagree with Kinsgley in terms that Linked Data is not complicated, 
> it is more complex than releasing CSV files.

It doesn't have to be complicated. Of course, most assume it is, and 
sometimes for good reason.

My main point is that CSV is a more widely used and familiar interchange 
format than any interchange formats associated with RDF, that will be 
the case for a very long time.

Now, accepting that CSV is actually the popular format in the Open Data 
realm, why not use it as a bridge to Linked Data?

> The evidence for me is the fact that very few governments have 
> actually released LOD platforms :-)

Maybe, but CSV to Linked Data is a massive business opportunity for 
those with the skills associated with this conversion.

> I think there is an intrinsic value of LOD that can't be obtained by 
> releasing 3-star data, however in many of these situations people can 
> make short term plans (i.e., release in whatever format you have, 
> don't spend too much time on modeling, converting, etc.).
> From the point of view of developers, I don't see as many tools to use 
> LOD as for using CSV, JSON, etc. I think this is a critical point in 
> encouraging the use and publication of LOD.

My fundamental point is this: build bridges. CSV is a great way to 
bridge and aid appreciation of Linked Data's virtues. There's also a lot 
of low hanging fruit business on that front too  :-)

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> On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 11:45 AM, Frans Knibbe | Geodan 
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>     Hello Alvaro,
>     I think a big reason is the lack of data. I believe that if
>     governmental institutions in my country would publish their data
>     as five star data there would be a boom in development of civic
>     apps, and in the publication of other data sets as Linked Data
>     too. As things stand now, the core of national or regional data
>     that is published as Linked Data is so small that it can very
>     easily be ignored. There is no critical mass.
>     Regards,
>     Frans
>     On 26-6-2013 16:03, Alvaro Graves wrote:
>>     Hello everyone,
>>     A few days ago I attended ABRELATAM'13 an unconference focused on
>>     Open Data in Latin America. I proposed a session about Open Data
>>     + Linked Data to discuss how semantics and LOD in general can
>>     help government and civi organizations. I want to share the main
>>     ideas that emerged from the conversation:
>>     - SW/LOD sounds really cool and the direction where thing should
>>     move.
>>     - However there are many technical aspects that remain unsolved
>>     - Since for many people having a relatively good solution using
>>     CSV, JSON, etc. is easier, they don't want to use SW/LOD because
>>     it is an overkill and too complicated.
>>     So my question is: Why we don't see lots of civic apps using
>>     Linked Data? Where are the SW activists? Why we haven't been able
>>     to demonstrate to the hacker community the benefits of using
>>     semantic technologies? Is it because they are hard to use? They
>>     don't scale well in many cases (as a googled pointed out)? Are we
>>     too busy working in academia/businesses?
>>     I know very few civic apps using semantic technologies and I
>>     don't think I have seen anyone that has made real impact in any
>>     country. I would love if you can prove me wrong and if we can
>>     discuss how can we involve more activists and hackers into the
>>     SW/LOD community.
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