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On 6/19/13 4:34 AM, Luca Matteis wrote:
> To me "In normal usage within the Semantic Web community, does the 
> term "Linked Data" imply the use of RDF?" is a well designed question 
> that exposes the *evidence* about whether the term Linked Data implies 
> RDF. This is the entire subject of our current debate.
It isn't, that's the problem. Put differently, nobody is disputing the 
fact that in the Semantic Web community RDF is associated with Linked 
Data. Even the more extreme fact that they are inextricably bound or 
tightly coupled.

The issues at hand are as follows:

1. Is RDF the only option for producing Linked Data that's 100% 
compliant with TimBL's original meme?
2. Are RDF and Linked Data tightly or loosely coupled?


1. -- Venn diagram illustrating how Identifiers 
(URIs), Structured Data (Linked Data), and RDF (Predicate Logic) are 
-- what makes this uniquely RDF?



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