Re: Big data applications for general users based on RDF - where are they?

Hello Dominic,

RDF solves the problem of syntactic heterogeneity. The problems of schematic
and structural heterogeneity are only eased a bit and the problem of semantic 
heterogeneity stays.

In order to integrate data, you still have to find data and deliberate - 
for example do mappings between ontologies or identifiers.

Such mappings will only be done if it has value. The assumption of this
community is that many mappings that have value have not already be done.

I have some doubts concerning this so my answer to your questions is: Maybe
those linked data / RDF applications are not there because they have already 
been done without those technologies - the low hanging fruits have already 
been picked. Maybe we don't have the bank statement being mashed with 
geographical data to show your itinerary because nobody cares.

I am sure that much value can still be unlocked with better adoption as more 
people use the same properties and identifiers - and better aggregators can be
queried for data. But I would not expect a wonder.

As to the argument that applications are so much easier with RDB technology:
How much did you struggle when you first used a SQL database ?


Michael Brunnbauer

On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 07:28:40PM +0100, Dominic Oldman wrote:
> Yes, tabular doesn't count.
> I want to have the same functionality that I get from my internal relational database systems extended to reap the benefits of the semantic web.
> Do I recall articles by TBL talking about every day functionality being injected with semantic benefits. Wasn't there a use case about your bank statement being mashed with geographical data to show your itinerary. That would be on the very basic end of what I am taking about. I am taking about merging rich datasets to allow functionality making real use of densities of data to correct, infer, produce and to collaborate - and in rich interfaces that don't hint of a triple, but just leverage them.
> Where are these applications and what is required, on top of RDF, to create them. Was Jeff right with his first reply?
> Dominic
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