Updated TaxonConcept Data set with data from the Encyclopedia of Life

Hi, I thought I would announce that I have a new TaxonConcept data set that
includes millions of entries from  an EoL NLP project. This was many about
annotating the text corpus but the data set includes a lot of photos and
additional data.

IIt consists of 1,141,247 data objects:

and ~404,302 taxa like the Honey Bee


The URI's deference to Turtle http://eol.taxonconcept.org/txn/213726.ttl

* I just realized that some of the data objects will not resolve because I
ran out of inodes, but they are in the RDF dump - that will be fixed in the

The sitemap is here lod.taxonconcept.org/sitemap.xml

The void is here http://lod.taxonconcept.org/ontology/void.rdf
 *The interlinking is not fully documented.

The whole download includes both the TaxonConcept and EoL data
of 37,700,616 Triples.

The short description of how the NLP works is if a taxon name is detected
in the text object then the data object Turtle is marked up with links to
both the name and the taxon URI.

It is assumed that if a body of text about the Cougar contains other taxon
names then there is some "relationship" between these two taxa and they are
connected with dcterms:relation.

I have some examples showing how this works at this bit.ly bundle


-- Pete
Pete DeVries
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University of Wisconsin - Madison Entomology
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