Re: Representing NULL in RDF

On 14/06/2013 11:35, Andy Turner wrote:
>> Do dead persons have an age?
> That depends. A body of a dead person belonged to a living person. The idea of a person can live on. Indeed there are still anniversary celebrations of famous people's life events. The work of a person can also live on. People are partly defined by their ideas and identity, but they are currently inherently linked to their body which is itself made of parts that are continually updating.
Continually degrading, I find ... :-)

Surely it's as pointless to record an age as a property, as it is to 
stop a clock at the current time, and say "there, that's nailed it".  
Current age is the distance between two points in time, one fixed and 
one not (unless you're talking about "age of a person when some other 
event, such as their death, occurred").


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