Linked Data Glossary is published!

On behalf of the editors, I'm pleased to announce the publication of the peer-reviewed Linked Data Glossary published as a W3C Working Group Note effective 27-June-2013.[1]  

We hope this document serves as a useful glossary containing terms defined and used to describe Linked Data, and its associated vocabularies and best practices for publishing structured data on the Web.  

The LD Glossary is intended to help foster constructive discussions between the Web 2.0 and 3.0 developer communities, encouraging all of us appreciate the application of different technologies for different use cases.  We hope the glossary serves as a useful starting point in your discussions about data sharing on the Web.

Finally, the editors are grateful to David Wood for contributing the initial glossary terms from Linking Government Data, (Springer 2011). The editors wish to also thank members of the Government Linked Data Working Group with special thanks to the reviewers and contributors: Thomas Baker, Hadley Beeman, Richard Cyganiak, Michael Hausenblas, Sandro Hawke, Benedikt Kaempgen, James McKinney, Marios Meimaris, Jindrich Mynarz and Dave Reynolds who diligently iterated the W3C Linked Data Glossary in order to create a foundation of terms upon which to discuss and better describe the Web of Data.  If there is anyone that the editors inadvertently overlooked in this list, please accept our apologies. 

Thank you one & all!

Bernadette Hyland, 3 Round Stones
Ghislain Atemezing, EURECOM
Michael Pendleton, US Environmental Protection Agency
Biplav Srivastava, IBM

W3C Government Linked Data Working Group


Received on Thursday, 27 June 2013 15:08:48 UTC