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but let me play the devil's advocate. And actually this is something I have been asked sometimes by time by people not strictly in the linked-data crowd.
How do you quantify the business generated ?
Is there some success story with a quantification of business savings due to adopting a Linked-Data infrastructure ?
Or perhaps some estimate of revenues/sales from linked-data based products ?

Then there are a few other considerations to be made.

I'm not familiar with Jazz products, but looking at the website is a complete suite of things. Is Linked-Data used as a flagship products for a suite where the other components are what people is willing to pay for ?

Also, where do we trace the boundary of what is linked data and what is not ? Beyond a strict technical definition, if somebody takes a linked-data resource, put it into a graph database and doesn't use RDF/sparql anymore... we could argue that the value (eventually) generated is still at some point due to the availability of linked-data resources. Or not ?

Again, I'm playing the devil's advocate here, I'm not needing to be convinced. But I'm expressing some reflections that were actual comments of people, to which I didn't really know what to answer, except that they should think at linked-data like highways...


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> Hi,
> On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 11:10 AM, Andrea Splendiani <> wrote:
> I think the issue is not whether there is money or not in linked data, but: how much money is in linked data ?
> Lot of money has been injected by research funds, maybe governments and maybe even industry. 
> Is the business generated of less, more, or just about the same value ? 
> As it was mentioned several times in this thread, Linked Data for Enterprise Application Integration has generated a lot of business and there is a lot of money in it. One good example would be IBM Jazz products [2] based on Linked Data [1].
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> Nandana
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