Re: The Great Public Linked Data Use Case Register for Non-Technical End User Applications

Dominic, I think this is a great idea - the W3C lists suffer both from 
senescence and fatigue (i.e., they're out-of-date and seem not to get 
refreshed with new examples).

May I be presumptuous enough to offer to help/steal from the EUCLID 
project, where we're already compiling such a list (and ResearchSpace is 
already on it ;) )?


On 23/06/13 11:28, Dominic Oldman wrote:
> As a result of the other thread about applications (which should 
> continue with some more and varied views) I would like to suggest that 
> this list starts to compile a list of use cases for linked data. We 
> should start to list end user applications from as many different 
> domains as possible that could never be implemented without RDF as 
> they rely on linked data and semantic harmonisation, and would greatly 
> benefit end users.
> I am happy to compile the suggestions made.
> Dominic
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