Triad Logic

Hi list,

Just posted a article at that may be of
interest to members of the list.  It's a fairly detailed formal
definition of what I'm calling a "Triad" calculus (or logic or
language) that I believe could be used to define RDF-like languages
very concisely, expressively, and formally.  I think there's enough
there, there, so you can see what I'm getting at.  It might be useful
in the Great LD Definition Debate of 2013.

There are two specific aspects of it for which I would appreciate any
pointers to related work.  One is a concept, "strengthening", as
counterpart to the standard idea of extending a language (or
entailment regime): basically, instead of adding to the language, you
reclassify the symbol set.  It seems to me that strengthening (as I
describe it in the blog) is pretty serviceable as one of the
fundamental differences between RDF languages and FOL.  I don't recall
coming across anything similar, but my knowledge of the logic
literature is hardly encyclopedic.  I expect somebody must have
written something about it (maybe calling it something else); pointers

The other thing is sticking existential quantification in the
meta-language and using "rewrite" rules to get from (what are
effectively) triples with blank nodes to the equivalent formal
quantificational sentence.  Seems to work well enough; if it does, I
suppose it's a technique that must have been used somewhere, so again,
pointers appreciated.

Also:  is this the right place for this kind of post?



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