3rd CfP: Linked Data Cup Challenge at I-Semantics/I-Know 2013, Deadline June 17, 2013

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Call for Papers 


at the i­-KNOW and i­-Semantics Conference, 4­.-6. September 2013, Graz, Austria

The Linked Data Cup awards prizes to the most promising innovation involving linked data. The Linked Data Cup
invites scientists and practitioners to submit novel and innovative linked data sets and applications built on linked data technology, but also new insights that can be discovered through using linked data.
The Linked Data Cup requires all submissions to include a specific use case and problem statement alongside a
solution (triplified data set, interlinking/cleansing approach, linked data application) that demonstrates the
usefulness of linked data or new insights from the data itself. The call is not limited to any domain or target group.

We accept submissions ranging from value-added business intelligence use cases to scientific networks to the
longest tail of information domains. The only requirement is that the employment and use of linked data is well
motivated and also justified (i.e. we rank approaches higher that provide solutions, which could not have been
realized without linked data, even if they lack technical or scientific brilliance).
Linked Data demonstrated an enormous quantitative growth in recent years. By having several hundred billion
triples it has become the largest interconnected knowledge base of the world. In addition to new and innovative
technologies arising to handle these amounts of data it is also a matter of interest what new insights we can
discover through using Linked Data. This remains one of the core challenges to be answered. Therefore, the Linked Data Cup looks not only for technology contributions, but also for contributions showing what interesting new knowledge, patterns or insights can be discovered from Linked Data. We encourage researchers, practitioners and industries to demonstrate the importance of Linked Data as valuable source in a knowledge driven society.

Sources and Tools
You can use your own tool chain, which may include your own software and tools that are publicly available. We do not impose restrictions on the tools you want to use. Nevertheless, we would like to encourage you to utilize and deploy the following datasets and tools: The CODE Project and the LOD2. These two projects provide ingrediences you can use in form of 17.000 Linked Data Sets published at publicdata.eu and a set of online tools to handle, aggregate and visualize them.

Public administrations publish large amounts of structured data mostly in the form of tabular data such as CSV
files or Excel sheets. On publicdata.eu this CSV resources are converted to RDF automatically, with the help of
a recently implemented CSV2RDF server.

> use those new Linked Data resource for this challenge
To make use of Linked Data also for non-Computer Science experts the The CODE Project provides a set of
online tools which allow you to Aggregate Data from various Linked Data Repositories (Linked Data Query
Wizard), visualise the aggregated Data in order to identify patterns (Linked Data Visualisation Wizard) and
export aggregated data to various data mining formats, for conducting in-depth analysis

> use these tools for this challengeSo what exactly are we looking for?
We do not restrict the types of discoveries. You can decide on the topic and find out new and amazing things. Get inspired by Hans Rosling’s famous TED Talk on the potential discoveries through using demographic data and
visualization techniques, or browse the applications built with the datasets from publicdata.eu

→ Please submit your contribution here: Easychair I-Challenge 2013

Ideas for topics include (but are not limited to):
● Improving traditional approaches with help of linked data
● Linked data use in science and education
● Linked data supported multimedia applications
● Linked data in the open source context
● Web annotation
● Generic applications
● Visualization of linked data
● Linked government data
● Business models based on linked data
● Recommender systems supported by linked data
● Integrating microposts with linked data
● Distributed social web based on linked data
● Linked data sensor networks
● Linked data in multimedia applications
● Linked data supported search technologies
● Internationalization of linked data

Evaluation Criteria
The submissions will be evaluated according to the extent to which they
1. motivate the relevancy of their use case for their respective domain;
2. justify the adequacy of linked data technologies for their solution;
3. demonstrate that alternatives to linked data would have resulted in an inferior solution;
4. provide an evaluation that can measure the benefits of linked data
5. demonstrate the interestingness of the identified knowledge
6. are methodologically sound.

Important dates
- Submission Deadline: June 17, 2013
- Notification of Acceptance: June 30, 2013
- Camera Ready Paper: July 20, 2013

Contact Persons:
● Jörg Waitelonis, HPI Potsdam, joerg.waitelonis@hpi.uni-potsdam.de,
● Thomas Thurner, Semantic Web Company
● Patrick Höfler, Know-Center Graz, phoefler@know-center.at
● Florian Stegmaier, University of Passau, florian.stegmaier@uni-passau.de

i-KNOW and i-SEMANTICS are well known for their stimulating atmosphere and high-quality keynotes. So we look
forward to your presentations and for synergies created with both conferences.

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