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On 6/17/13 9:12 AM, Barry Norton wrote:
> Now that we've established, whatever TimBL's Note says, that Linked 
> Data doesn't require SPARQL, RDF or HTTP it's time we talked about the 
> elephant in the room: URIs.
> A thought experiment (literally): in my brain is a lot of knowledge - 
> 'metadata' if you will - connected up in a graph. I can't read someone 
> else's thoughts, in the form of a writing - whether it's a book with 
> an ISBN (and hence a URI), or a crudely drawn message on a bathroom 
> wall - and integrate that into the graph.
> Sure, I don't produce RDF, or speak HTTP, very easily, and my thoughts 
> don't have global identifiers, but the whole beauty of Linked Data is 
> that it is loosely coupled to computers anyway.
> What conclusion do I draw?
> I've seen it. It's people.
> Linked Data is made out of people.
> Barry (you can't throw me to the lions - I'm Charlton Heston)

Linked Data enables us share more of what's going on in our minds via 
Data Webs (e.g., the World Wide Web). Naturally, it would be even better 
if we could align semantics of the entity relationships (around which 
these Webs are woven) in our minds -- which is where RDF becomes 
extremely useful with far less controversy :-)

BTW -- nice breakdown !



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