Re: Representing NULL in RDF

On 14/06/2013 11:35, Andy Turner wrote:
>> Do dead persons have an age?
> That depends.
Can depend on what you mean by person and what you mean by age.  If <me> 
denotes me in an enduring sense, i.e. I am the same person I was 
yesterday, then my age is a function of time, I'm older today than I was 

In that sense of person, a dead person can/does have an age - a function 
of time.  I'll leave it to others to choose which ranges of time that 
function has a defined value for and indeed what the range of that 
function is, i.e. whether it includes <undefined>.

Unless you want to explore issues involving change over time, it is 
simpler to stick to examples like date of birth/death.


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