Re: To RDF or not to RDF

Excerpts from Ora.Lassila's message of 2013-06-22 15:38:25 +0000:
> Take JSON, just as an example. You can syntactically encode many of the
> structures we might need to do Linked Data using JSON, but JSON lacks the
> stuff you need higher up the stack. So you add that -- for example, invent
> a convention of how one JSON "object" can refer to another (those of you
> reading this email who are now saying "just put a URI into a string" I
> have bad news for you: You just flunked this class). What happens is that
> you end up building stuff to accommodate the shortcomings of whatever
> technology you chose, and the end result will look a lot like RDF.
not sure if you noticed that RDF has now JSON serialization format:
and it seams to start getting some nice reception: (interesting that this article doesn't even mention RDF)

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