Hi all

I'm a bit lost with all those avatars of CIDOC-CRM ontology published under
various URIs, under various namespaces and confusing redirections

In LOV [1]  we have registered two versions and two different namespaces, a
version 5.01 in OWL [2] and the more recent one 5.04 in RDFS [3],
dereferencing to [6].
The draft mentioned by Kingsley [4] is a more recent version 5.1, the
xml:base it declares is yet another one [5] which actually dereferences to
[6] as [3] does. And the "Erlangen manifestation" [7] mentioned by Richard
is yet another avatar, apparently also of version 5.04.

You are lost already? Imagine the poor linked data publisher wanting to use
the latest, authoritative version of the ontology ...

Since none of those vocabularies in their RDF form expose either clear
provenance metadata, more recent versions do not mention the previous
one(s), you have to look at comments in [4]  :

"This is the encoding approved by CRM-SIG in the meeting 21/11/2012 as the
current version for the CIDOC CRM namespace. Note that this is NOT a
definition of the CIDOC CRM, but an encoding derived from the authoritative
release of the CIDOC CRM v5.1 (draft) May 2013 on"

And from this html page I understand that indeed the 5.04 version is the
current official one, 5.1 is just a draft, so after all both namespaces [3]
and [5]  redirecting to the current "official" version might be a feature
and not a bug, but the above comment in the draft about "the current
version for the CIDOC CRM namespace" is confusing at least ...

If editors of those various versions are around, could they please step
forward and clarify what should be used as of today as the authoritative
URI and namespace for this important ontology, so that potential users do
not need, beyond mastering RDF technologies, a degree in hermeneutics :)

Thanks for your time



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