Re: Proof: Linked Data does not require RDF

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> If we want to avoid many flavors of linked data clouding the Internet 
> scape (sorry for the pun) we need to come up with a more acceptable 
> definition of how we interpret linked data in terms of semantic linkage.
> We generally equate linked data with RDF and related tools and 
> technologies but the rest of the netizens may beg to differ.
It's quite simple, and it's called RDF based Linked Data. What does that 
give you? The web-like structure of Linked Data combined with the 
*explicit* (rather than implicit) machine- and human-comprehensible 
entity relationship semantics of RDF.

As already stated in an earlier post, I don't understand why "inference" 
and "reasoning" are words that are no longer associated (instinctively) 
with RDF as unique selling points. Being able to make increasingly 
precise sense of data (based on its entity relationship based structure) 
is a major virtue!



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