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> Hi,
> but let me play the devil's advocate. And actually this is something I
> have been asked sometimes by time by people not strictly in the linked-data
> crowd.
> How do you quantify the business generated ?

I think this is a hard question to answer. How much money has the web
generated ? Anyways I like your analogy of highways, Linked Data is an
enabler, people build so many different businesses around that.

> Is there some success story with a quantification of business savings due
> to adopting a Linked-Data infrastructure ?
> Or perhaps some estimate of revenues/sales from linked-data based products
> ?

I think if some companies using Linked Data based technologies can publish
something on those lines (may be some have already done so, but I don't
recall seeing any with numbers), it would definitely help the industrial
adaption of Linked Data as others can evaluate the benefits and risks of
using Linked Data based on some empirical evidence.

Best Regards,

Then there are a few other considerations to be made.
> I'm not familiar with Jazz products, but looking at the website is a
> complete suite of things. Is Linked-Data used as a flagship products for a
> suite where the other components are what people is willing to pay for ?

> Also, where do we trace the boundary of what is linked data and what is
> not ? Beyond a strict technical definition, if somebody takes a linked-data
> resource, put it into a graph database and doesn't use RDF/sparql
> anymore... we could argue that the value (eventually) generated is still at
> some point due to the availability of linked-data resources. Or not ?
> Again, I'm playing the devil's advocate here, I'm not needing to be
> convinced. But I'm expressing some reflections that were actual comments of
> people, to which I didn't really know what to answer, except that they
> should think at linked-data like highways...
> best,
> Andrea
> Il giorno 07/giu/2013, alle ore 10:31, Nandana Mihindukulasooriya <
>  ha scritto:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 11:10 AM, Andrea Splendiani <
> <>> wrote:
>> I think the issue is not whether there is money or not in linked data,
>> but: how much money is in linked data ?
>> Lot of money has been injected by research funds, maybe governments and
>> maybe even industry.
>> Is the business generated of less, more, or just about the same value ?
> As it was mentioned several times in this thread, Linked Data for
> Enterprise Application Integration has generated a lot of business and
> there is a lot of money in it. One good example would be IBM Jazz products
> [2] based on Linked Data [1].
> Best Regards,
> Nandana
> [1] -
> [2] -
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