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Can you do linked data without RDF? Yes.

Can you do linked data with RDF? Yes.

End of discussion... please! :)

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> existing thread, and also for probably saying things other folks have
> already brought up]
> I have worked on RDF and systems using RDF for over 15 years now (and on
> RDF's "non-Web" predecessors before that). The most important thing I have
> learned is that while it is possible to do Linked Data and Semantic Web
> stuff *without* RDF, whatever alternative technology you choose, you soon
> feel compelled to add features that make it look like RDF. I particularly
> see this whenever someone comes to me advocating the use of JSON. RDF is
> what it is for a reason, *not* because we arbitrarily threw something
> together.
> So it is not that RDF "looks bad" or whatever people might be saying. It
> is that other technologies and approaches "fall short" of what Linked Data
> and Semantic Web really need. Let's not please reinvent things or shove a
> round peg in a square hole just because someone prefers curly braces over
> angle brackets. Issues like that are not interesting (at all), and we have
> more important things to do.
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