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>     Linked Data is also something you can produce, without any
>     knowledge of RDF.
> What do you mean "without any knowledge of RDF"? How do you produce 
> Linked Data without RDF? Please give us an example before making 
> statements on behalf of the community.
If you recall (earlier today) I presented you with a simple exercise 
which would answer the question you've posed above, demonstrably.

Here's that I posted:

Webby Structured Data:

Simply copy and paste the following to a Web accessible location (URL) 
and then share the URL via a response to this mail. If you can't then 
simply let me know and I'll do that for you.

## Structured Data Representation using Turtle Notation ##

a <#Document> .
<#mentions> "Linked Data" , "Linked Data", "Semantic Web", "Inference 
Reasoning", "Web".
<#comment> "A mailing list post about Linked Data and RDF".
<#seeAlso> <>, 

## End ##

What is the above to you?

1. Webby Structured Data -- constructable using basic knowledge of 
Entity Relationship Models e.g. EAV (Entity-Attribute-Value based 
structured data representation)
2. RDF based Structured Data -- i.e., structured data endowed with 
machine- and human-comprehensible entity relationship semantics as 
defined by RDF (a framework).


1. -- EAV
2. - Peter Chen's circa. 1976 dissertation that 
covers unified views of data (note: a simple example of these concepts 
that even predate the World Wide Web).



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