Re: The need for RDF in Linked Data

On 6/17/13 5:58 PM, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> Yes, it is Linked Data, but crappy Linked Data because it doesn't link 
> out to anything.
David / Melvin,

To be clearer (on my part), there are some links to other things (via 
seeAlso relation). Basically, those seeAlso links are in line with any 
version of TimBL's Linked Data principles meme. The prime limitation 
demonstrated by the current incarnation of this Linked Data boils down 
to the granularity of seeAlso relations which carry no more semantic 
clarity than say <link rel="related" ../> i.e., there is a links_to 
(like sioc:links_to) relation that associates the document with some 
concepts in DBpedia.

As this demo evolves, the full impact (and usefulness) of RDF is very 
easy to demonstrate, which (as you picked up) boils down to the use of 
terms from shared vocabularies en route to leveraging relation semantics 
they define such as owl:sameAs, inverseFunctional property (IFP) etc..

Some links (based on the crappy-ish sample Linked Data doc):

-- raw text document

-- Linked Data browsing page (shallow follow-your-nose)

-- deeper follow-your-nose exploration via facets/relations filtering .



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